• Nang Yuan

    A View off the west of the island over Nang Yuan. A View for a beautiful sunset.
  • Sairee & Mae Haad

    Looking from north to south above Sairee. After sunset the island comes to life.....
  • Shark Island

    Off the east coast of Koh Tao A short sightseeing trip by long-tail
  • Sunset

    A beautiful island view
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Looking for information on Properties  on Koh Tao? House for sale, Land for sale, Home Construction, alterations or just a place to rent?

After living here for many years now a few of us have decided to form a company to bridge the gap and provide the information people want and services people require. At our real estate company We aim to be there for anything relating to property on Koh Tao for anyone that has any interest. Most importantly the information and services we provide will be reliable and trustworthy, something that is increasingly difficult to find. Let us help you to find a house on this beautiful island.

So if you feel you need anything real estate or Property related don't hesitate to contact us.

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  • Koh Tao

    Koh Tao is a beautiful tropical island nestled in the warm, protected waters of the Gulf of Thailand. .
  • Location

    Located around 70 km from the mainland and only a short boat journey from the more widely travelled and much larger neighbouring islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phagnan..
  • Original Charm

    Koh Tao has remained the less explored of the three islands which has allowed it to maintain its original charm despite the increased development of recent years..
  • History

    Previously used as a political prison, it wasn't until the early 1950's that people came from Koh Phagnan and began to cultivate the unspoiled land to harvest coconuts..
  • Adventure

    The island remained until the early 1980's when the first western travellers in search of adventure began to arrive upon its distant shores..
  • Untouched Beaches

    Along with the stunning landscape and untouched beaches came the discovery of the pristine coral reefs. .
  • Diving Mecca

    Koh Tao then became and still remains a diving mecca especially for those learning to dive. .
  • Development

    Since those early days the island has steadily developed to accommodate the increasing number of visitors and, for some time now, the changing face of tourism..

Island Details - Land and Property for sale

Once a destination for intrepid back packers, unafraid of the sometimes perilous journey and very basic living, Koh Tao now caters for a broad range of tourists. In recent years there has been an increasing number of families and more mature travellers which has seen the island increase its amenities to cover any number of requirements. Accommodation now ranges from budget to larger all encompassing resorts and private luxury villas. The island now offers a fantastic range of restaurants and night life, a wide range of activities beyond diving and endless opportunity for exploration of the more remote beaches, and breath taking view points found in the central high ground. There remains, however, a strong sense of local life and tradition allowing Koh Tao to retain its natural appeal with all the comforts of modern life subtly nestled between remote beach and jungle, which perhaps explains why such a diverse mix of people chose to visit, stay, live and work here.

The climate is consistently favourable throughout the year.
We are in the tropics, however, so a sudden down pour is possible at any time, sometimes it is only a matter of minutes before the sun is shinning again. We generally have more prolonged rainfall during the month of November, and the hottest time of year is April. We occasionally experience storms with some strong winds but here, tucked into the Gulf we remain protected from the more severe weather conditions inflicted on our neighbouring countries.

The investment opportunity on Koh Tao continues to grow exponentially and shows no sign of slowing down. Properties are still relatively cheap to invest here and we are seeing continued diversification of investors and developments all keen to take advantage of this growing market.

Our agents at Palm Properties Koh Tao have all lived and worked on Koh Tao for 10 years or more and therefore have a very good understanding, not only of the island, its people and local business but, more specifically, all the necessary procedures involved in buying, developing, renting and selling property. Whatever your requirements, we have the knowledge and experience to offer you a one stop shop service. We have access to a very wide range of land and property to cater for any type of investment be it the purchase, sale or rental of an existing property or the design and construction of a new property or development.